Riviera Marina Fishing Report

by Rusty

And yep, it's me again (and Willow my fixed feral cat). I usually and always try and use our local and visiting anglers. Our weather has been so bad that even the hardest of folk are staying in and waiting out the storm so to say. These two I landed using a z-mans tubez jig in the pp&j (peanut butter and jelly) color rigged with a ned head for still water fishing I like the light head for the calm water fishing. When fishing the river or current the heavy 1/5 does a great job jigging for small mouth bass and or stripers. This is a nice catch of a couple of our pan fish they were both released. I try and take care when I unhook the fish so as not to damage them unlike our rainbow trout, they are a lot hardier. The best place to find our red ear or commonly called pan fish or by mid-west anglers sunnies and or mostly called blue gill. The Laughlin Bay has the best supply as you can see. We have some record panfish in our area, The back bay or Laughlin Bay is a great spot for anglers that can practice their catch and release skills. I like this same set up for largemouth bass also which very well especially in the back bay with the non-motorized boat areas and the cattails that harbor these types of fish.

 I haven't gotten much word from up on Lake Mohave as the winds keep the small craft off the water.

While below the Davis dam the same cold winds keep our anglers indoors. so, with that being said and we are getting a break in the weather I am looking forward to seeing you in soon to share that catch and your story. Mostly thanks so much for all of your support.

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